Sufficient Gravity 2

from Susumu Kihara

A place where ants, small ants, can go to have fun; some refer to this as the New Kindergarten for Small Ants. The main attraction is an ant-sized slide, where ants can slide down one by one. The neat thing about this slide is that it is set at the exact pitch of the sound made by an ant as it slides down, and so as the ant goes down the slide, making a sound that increases at inverse proportions to the intensity of sound made by the slide, at the exact point which corresponds to the half-life of the decay of the sound of the slide, the ant feels a little pop. Now this moment of pleasure is available only to those ants of the correct ant-weight – not too light and not too heavy – and this, ladies and gentlemen of all shapes and sizes, is at the root of many of our contemporary social ailments.

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